From The Top Of The Rollercoaster With Wine

13 Aug

You are waiting in line to get on to the famous roller coaster that you have heard about, seen pictures of and only imaged riding in your dreams. The line is slowly moving and with each anticipated step, your anxiousness and excitement grows. You can hear the screams and laughs from the riders who were lucky enough to get on before you. As the ride attendant counts out the patrons in line before you, you are on the tips of your toes hoping you make this round and you do. A few quick steps to your seat, you get buckled in, the attendant counts down and you feel the ride start to move. You feel the wheels ride the track as the cart creeps higher and higher. You hear your heartbeat in your ears, you feel the butterflies doing cartwheels in your stomach and before you know it, you are at the top of the roller coaster. The very top. The ride stops, time stops. You have a panoramic view of the city. You will never forget this moment. You think, “Here we go.”

Frichette Family

Shae, Jayden, and Greg Frichette

At Frichette, we are at the top of the roller coaster ride. We’ve done all of the prep work we can, completed countless forms, spent dozens of hours planning the tasting room, walked miles through vineyards and triple checked tasks on our checklist. We are at the top of the ride, ready to put our hands up, open our doors and enjoy the ride with you, our customers, our family, our friends. We’ve waited for this moment, played it out in our heads, dreamed about it, talked about, prayed about it, lost sleep over it and now, we’ll let’s just say, we are more than ready for it. We are full of anticipation and excitement to engage in this new business venture.

Tim and Kelly Hightower

Tim and Kelly Hightower – Vineyard & Winery Owners

2011 is our first vintage. We selected fantastic fruit from growers who nurture their vineyards like we do our first babies. Our 2011 Columbia Valley growers are Stillwater Creek, Conner Lee, Weinbau, Discovery and Gamache and our 2011 Red Mountain grower is Hightower.

We nurtured and aged our juice for 22 months in American and French Oak barrels. In August, we introduced our wine to their new home in the bottle.

We get to live our dream in wine because of some fantastic people that God put on our path.
Dave Buschbach – encouraged us to visit Red Mountain and spend time there. This is what began our journey.

Dick Boushey – Didn’t know us from Adam and Eve, but toured us around Red Mountain and is a cheerleader for us.

Charlie Hoppes – Took us under his wing and converted our fantastic fruit into fabulous wine.

Joe Farmer from Whiz Bang Studios created our logo and label design for the 2011 vintage.

Label Design Created By Joe Farmer

Joe Farmer – Listened to our vision, exercised our creative muscles and delivered an excellent label and logo.

Dixie Huey – Through powerful questions, diligent follow up and in essence her brilliance, helped to shape our mission and branding message.

Our loving family and friends – Encouraged us, believe in us and gave us shout outs on Facebook. Our family and friends are rock stars in our book and Frichette is our way of celebrating our love for them.

We are humbled and honored for this opportunity. We’ll never forget this moment. We’ll never take it for granted.

With hands up and excitement in full effect, we surrender to this ride, ready to enjoy. And when the ride slows down and the attendant is waiting to open the gate for us to step off, we hope to say, “Whoa, let’s do that again!”

From our family to yours, Cheers!

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