Open For Almost Two Months

23 Nov

Frichette FamilyOur small family owned winery has been open for less than two months on Red Mountain. We’ve experienced so much support from the Red Mountain and Tri Cities communities. And we’ve been overwhelmed with support and encouragement from our new customers and friends who have visited our space.

We get goosebumps when we open our doors each day, anxious at the new wine lovers and eager wine learners who will give us the honor to pour our wine for them. We are sharing our very first vintage and we are beyond excited. We pour four red wines that offer unique characteristics. All are 2011 and aged for 22 months.We offer a Red Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Reserve Blend. We also offer one stunning white wine, a dry 2012 Semillon. Our family is excited about this vintage as well as our future plans to offer you great wine, including new varietals from us in the coming years!

From all of us; Greg (owner), Shae (owner), Jayden (our 1 year old who thinks he runs the place) and Piper (our 7 month old yellow lab aka Wine Dog in training) Thank You for your business and for being with us from the very beginning. We thought we’d take a family photo to share with you and with a 1 year old and a puppy…well, you can imagine the chaos. Cheers!

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