Sashay Wines

You are STRONG. YOU are COURAGEOUS. You are FIERCE. You have the ability to CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE in this world. So LIFT your CHIN, push your SHOULDERS BACK and SASHAY, GIRL.... SASHAY.

“Look at you Sashaying like you don’t have a care in the world.”

When you are holding a glass of Sashay, you don’t have a care. You are in the moment, creating a moment, and living in the now. Welcome to Sashay.

Sashay is a label in the Frichette Winery portfolio and is the mastermind of Shae Frichette, Assistant Winemaker, and Co-owner of Frichette Winery. Shae created this wine to offer a slightly different style of wine for Frichette, crafting a softer, more vibrant, and youthful wine from Red Mountain and Columbia Valley AVAs. Varietals used include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. Shae also makes a Sashay Rose of Merlot.

Sashay Rose

Sashay Rosé

Sashay rose is medium-bodied, medium-plus acid, and displays fruits like strawberry, watermelon, and tangerine. It’s off-dry with a medium fruity finish.

Roses are very versatile and match well with a variety of food. Try Sashay rose with pork ribs garnished with pineapple salsa, salmon, chicken kabobs, or crab. We also love to pair Sashay with ceviche and slightly spicy Mahi or codfish tacos.

2018 Sashay Syrah

Sashay Syrah

Sashay Syrah is ripe blackberry, plum, baking spices, and cocoa. Dry, low acid, medium body, long fruity finish. This wine is perfect all by itself. It’s incredibly approachable and smooth yet has beautiful complexity in flavors.

We’ve paired this wine with southern food like fried chicken, smoked turkey wings, and blackeyed peas. Enjoy with mesquite seasoned burgers, tri-tip, beef ribs, and portabella mushroom. It’s an easy pairing with roasted root vegetables too.

Shae Frichette

Meet Shaé

Shae is from South Carolina and relocated to Los Angeles, CA after graduating from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. After a few years as an actor turned corporate trainer, she craved a change. She and her husband Greg moved to Washington State and started Frichette Winery on Red Mountain making Bordeaux varietal wines.

After attending the Celebration of Black Women in wine hosted by Urban Connoisseurs, Shae was inspired to create her own label focusing on softer, even more, approachable wines. She called this label Sashay. Named after a word she loved hearing the ladies in her family use and also a play on her name, Sashay has taken its place in the Frichette portfolio beautifully well.

Label Artist Chance Watt

This self-taught painter from Tri-Cities, WA is the artist behind the Sashay label artwork. Given a vision and description of the wine, Chance created both the Sashay ladies on the rose and red wine packages. His marriage of realism and abstraction are a beautiful blend for feminine pieces of art that move people.

Follow Chance on Instagram to view more of his art.